Student Testimonials

“After classical training and years of piano teaching, I needed a fresh approach. Michelle’s contagious enthusiasm was the kickstart I needed to dust off my old notions of tonal and rhythmic principles and embark on a new musical journey. She has challenged me to appreciate more, and fear less, the wonderful complexities of jazz!”

~ Franca Colatruglio, Piano teacher

“Michelle is the best piano teacher I’ve had in over 10 years of studying piano. She has a unique way of allowing me as a creative musician to bring my own flare to the music I work with and use my own creativity while still keeping me well grounded to the theory of the music I study. She is well balanced between positive encouragement and discipline. She makes studying jazz fun and yet very educational. I look forward to studying with her more in the future.”

~ Evan Bergen, Pianist and keyboardist


“You were extremely patient and supportive and the best piano teacher I’ve had. And it was great to learn from someone with so much experience with not just with teaching and playing, but arranging, gigging, writing and everything else there is to do with music. I think learning from you will help any level of player become a well-rounded musician.”

~ Dana Kawalski, Singer-songwriter


“Most of my life I’ve struggled with severe hand pain especially when playing piano. After one year of taking jazz lessons with Michelle and studying technique, I can play almost pain free!” –

~ Mandy Funk, Piano teacher, singer-songwriter


“I find Michelle Gregoire to be an inspiring, conscientious and motivating jazz piano teacher. I enjoy studying with her, and I’ve been very impressed with how she teaches. She possesses a vast knowledge of jazz piano and I have benefited greatly from this knowledge and from her expertise in jazz piano pedagogy. She offers a wealth of creative approaches which has brought about significant improvements in my playing. I deeply appreciate her enthusiasm, support, and encouragement.”

~ Ingrid Toews, Jazz Pianist