Music Education

Student Testimonials

“After classical training and years of piano teaching, I needed a fresh approach. Michelle’s contagious enthusiasm was the kickstart I needed to dust off my old notions of tonal and rhythmic principles and embark on a new musical journey. She has challenged me to appreciate more, and fear less, the wonderful complexities of jazz!”

~ Franca Colatruglio, Piano teacher

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Private Lessons and Workshops

“[Michelle is] an inspiring, conscientious and motivating jazz piano teacher. I enjoy studying with her, and I’ve been very impressed with how she teaches”

~ Ingrid Toews

Private Lessons

For fees and to book lessons, please send me an email, or call me at (403) 228-1175.

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I am taking a selected number of private students. I teach in my studio in Calgary in Lower Mount Royal on a brand new top of the line regularly tuned Yamaha Conservatory grade upright piano. I also teach online lessons through Skype.

Most of my students range from jazz pianists, adults and teens mostly, singer-songwriters, classical piano teachers who wish to expand and learn more about jazz, other musicians who want to improve keyboard skills or develop themselves as composers, and much more. I’ve also spent years preparing young musicians for university auditions – most have moved on to programs in Canada’s finest jazz programs and successful careers in the field.

I’ve developed countless strategies over the past 25 years and have developed clear and concise pedagogical approaches. I’ve been blessed with some of the best teachers out there myself, and my own passion for teaching and developing effective strategies creates an efficient and effective learning environment.

I believe that teaching is really about reading the student properly and creating an approach that is tailored for them. I work very hard to help each person clarify their learning goals working with them to create a syllabus and practice schedule that is achievable.

I firmly believe in the importance of encouraging every person’s own voice. I treat my students with respect and offer them as much support as possible. I do expect hard work and accountability and can offer strategies to improve productivity if and when needed.


I also offer school workshops having taught in many K-12 schools through the IAJE’s Jazz Mobile program. I’ve also had the pleasure of presenting workshops with my quintet in Canada’s top university jazz programs including Humber College, my alma mater ST.F.X.U, Capilano College and more.

When working in schools, I’ve offered private and group piano lessons to young pianists to help them quickly learn about voicing chords, improvising and so much more. Band sessions with middle school and high school students are often geared towards improvisation techniques, understanding jazz forms, rhythmic approaches, phrasing, respecting their own creative voices and much more.

College workshops range in topics from composition, improvisation, business, philosophy, and more.