Live Music Services

Corporate Bookings & Logistics

Contact Michelle to discuss your musical requirements, she will work with you to come up with the best musical option for you. Call (403)-228-1175 or send an email.

Michelle can provide a keyboard for all events where an acoustic piano is not available.

An AFM contract will be drawn up and filed with the Calgary Musician’s Association (Local 547). This is legally binding, and protects both the musician(s) and the client. An invoice can also be provided.

All logistics surrounding equipment, setup, teardown, etc. will be handled by Michelle.

Set durations, break times, break durations, and other event details will be communicated to the client before the event.

Previous Clients

  • Veterans Affairs Canada
  • AltaGas LTD
  • Hotel Blackfoot, Calgary (House Pianist)
  • Cancer Care Manitoba
  • Maison Senior Living
  • Rady Jewish Cultural Centre
  • Winnipeg Art Gallery
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Deloitte & Touche Inc
  • Investor’s Group
  • Morguard Investments Ltd
  • Aramark
  • Trident Exploration Corporation
  • Greystone Managed Investments
  • Cummins Mid-Canada Ltd
  • MTS (Manitoba Telecom Services)
  • Metro Net Communications Group Inc
  • The Asper family
  • Premier Gary Filmon (Manitoba)
  • Red River Community College
  • Health Sciences Centre
  • Jewish Child and Family Services
  • The Rainbow Resource Centre


“very original with great depth and imagination, remarkably proficient on piano and dynamically sensitive . . .” Dick Crockett, Still Another Jazz Show – Sacramento

Michelle Gregoire is a versatile and award-winning musician and composer who performs regularly in Calgary and across Canada. With a solid reputation and vast experience in the Canadian jazz landscape, Michelle brings a level of professionalism and experience coupled with extreme musicality to all of her corporate engagements.

An active freelance musician since 1984, Michelle maintains a solid reputation as a solo player, sideperson, and band leader, having performed with artists such as Dee Dee Bridgewater, Peter Appleyard, Kenny Wheeler, and others. As well, her original compositions are played regularly on North American jazz programs.

With over 30 years of experience as a first call player and band leader, Michelle has a vast repertoire, and works with top calibre players when putting ensembles together for corporate functions. Regardless of the ensemble size, Michelle and her players provide artistic and balanced performances to enhance your event. You can expect a positive attitude, professional presentation, punctuality, and open communication when you work with Michelle and her players.

“ . . . an intense and engaging performer . . .” Geoff Chapman, The WholeNote




Michelle approaches all of her corporate and private clients with professionalism and reliability, coupled with a client-focused approach. Her goal is to provide a musical mood to complement the occasion, to create an acoustic background as your event unfolds. Michelle’s keen musicality, and her connection to the audience, ensures that the musical offerings create the perfect mood for the occasion. This isn’t just background music – the audience goes on a musical journey complete with mood, variety, and beautiful sound.

Michelle offers a range of ensembles based on event size, budget, and desired mood. Whether you are looking for an intimate musical evening, or a celebration punctuated with more energy and musical personality, Michelle can provide the appropriate ensemble to meet your needs. They range from:

SOLO PIANO – as a solo player, Michelle provides a balanced and imaginative musical offering, while creating a direct connection with the listener. Solo piano is a perfect choice for cocktail parties, private house parties, dinners, and small banquets. This offering provides a continuous musical background that shifts with the mood of the room, ranging from a quiet intimacy to an energetic liveliness, and provides a more direct communication with the audience.

“Your selections added tremendously to a beautiful and memorable evening.” Joel Morris, Sandy Hyman (Jewish Child and Family Services)

“The music was great! If you only knew how many people congratulated us on our choice of music, and on the ambiance that you created.” Suzanne Druwé

JAZZ DUO – typically formed by piano and almost any other instrument, a jazz duo provides an economical yet musically rich backdrop for your function. With two players, there is a depth and variety to the sound, and it provides visual interest for the listeners. A jazz duo is perfect for small spaces and intimate parties, but can also provide the energy needed to fill up a larger space.

“Thank you very much for a wonderful performance last night…You made an excellent impression on everyone who attended. I hope that we will be able to have you again at another function” Donna Kramer (Greystone)

“Grégoire is clearly in command of a broader harmonic knowledge, yet her playing style is all about elegance, subtlety, and understatement. No sharp edges mar her approach, and she builds her solos gradually and with great care.” John Kelman, All About Jazz

JAZZ TRIO – the piano, bass, and drums configuration of a jazz trio speaks to the classic jazz combo, and provides the musical background for cocktails, dinner, and dessert to house parties and larger events. Like the jazz duo, there is depth and variety to the sound and the visual presentation, and the jazz trio can provide the musical personality and energy needed to fill up larger spaces.

“Thank you again for a marvelous evening of music …  You put together a wonderful group of talented individuals, and all of our guests enjoyed the music at the reception, during dinner, and at the dance.” Elaine Goldie, (Executive Director-External Relations, U of M)

JAZZ QUARTET – a balanced, colourful ensemble able to provide the depth and complexity of a larger group, but performed with the appropriate dynamic intensity for your event. Comprised of piano, drums, bass, and horn (saxophone, trumpet, trombone), this is the ensemble for more energetic, larger functions.

“You really added to the success of our event!” Dina Wood (Bayer)

“Gregoire herself plays transparent figures, clear melodic lines with a light touch and a glowing finish, and influences her quintet to play like a little big band — without the punch, but full of colour, leaving the intensity to the improvised solos — just exactly the kind of environment in which these first-rank players thrive.” – Stephen Pedersen – Chronicle Herald, Halifax

Musical offerings range from jazz standards, Latin, popular, and classical, to acoustic background music, Christmas arrangements, and special requests